More Standard Glove Boxes:
Super / Universal / Isolator / Advanced

스탠다드 글로브 박스 모델 : Universial

For R&D and small-scale production.

From Single to Multiple workstation systems, to be operated either side by-side or face to face with integrated Gas purification system (1 Purifier), PLC controller and HMI, incl. sealed box, In and outward transfer antechamber, inclined operation sides with replaceable sight glass and vacuum pump etc. Attainable purity of the glovebox is H2O<1ppm., O2<1ppm.

Compared with the Super Glovebox, the Universal Glovebox provides you and your research team with added features and larger operating space.



  • Glove box (Single module box can be flange-connected together) For Each Single Module Dimension:
    • L*W*H=1220*750*900mm (2-glove system, single side operation);
    • L*W*H=1220*1000*900mm (4-glove system, double sides operation);
    • L*W*H=1500*750*900mm (3-glove system, single side operation);
    • L*W*H=1800*750*900mm (3/4 -glove system, single side operation).
    • Multiple Combination Dimension
      L*W*H = n1220*750/1000/1200*900mm

  • Glove box body for single module box
    • Various pipes made of stainless steel polished
    • Body material, Stainless Steel 1.4301 (US Type 304) , acid resistant, 3mm thickness;
    • Windows, Safety glass;
    • Glove ports material: POM materials
    • Shelves, Stainless, 2 layers, mounted inside;
    • External Fluorescent lights, 1 set;
    • 1 electrical feedthrough, 3 or more blind-flanges, KF 40.
  • Gas purification system
    • Removal of H2O and O2;
    • Container material: Stainless Steel 1.4301 (US Type 304)
    • Absorber unit: Copper catalyst: 5Kg or more,
    • Molecular sieve: 5Kg or more;
    • Attainable purity: H2O <1ppm, O2 <1ppm;
    • Circulation blower: 90m3/h, with frequency converter;
    • Regeneration, PLC automatic control all process including heating, filling mix gas (working gas / 5-10%H2 mixture), etc.
  • Main antechamber
    • 1 big cylindrical type antechamber, made of Stainless Steel 1.4301 (US Type 304) ;
    • Dia.360mm, length =600mm, right or left side;
    • With sliding tray inside the antechamber;
    • Spindle lock door, vertical operation with lifting mechanism;
    • Touch screen automatic operation via solenoid.
  • Mini antechamber
    • 1 Mini Cylindrical type chamber, make of stainless steel 304; Dia. 150mm, length=300mm (100 mm access into the glove box ),right or left side; Screw-lock door;
    • Manual operation via hand valve.
      Vacuum Pump
    • 1 Rotary vane pump, with oil mist filter, and gas ballast control; Capacity: 8m3/h, dual stage, ultimate vacuum 2x10-2mbar.


  • Closed loop gas circulation
    Inert gas closed loop, gas circulation by blower and purifier, H2O, O2 can be removed continuously.
  • Auto purging
    The replacement of atmosphere inside glove box can be achieved automatically by purging valves.
  • Automatic regeneration
    H2O and O2 removal material can be regenerated. The regeneration process can be program-controlled.
  • Pressure control in box
    The pressure in glove box is controlled automatically by PLC. Working pressure can be set between +10mba and -10mba, in case of pressure over +/- 12mbar the system will be protected automatically.
  • Automatic vacuum pump control
    The vacuum pump will be activated automatically when necessary and will turn off after a period of idle time


  •  Customized box sizes;
  •  Polycarbonate windows;
  •  Stainless Steel 316 type are available;
  •  Glove ports material: hard-anodized aluminium;
  •  Bigger antechamber, Dia. 400 mm, Length 600mm
  •  Antechamber interlocked door;
  •  Antechamber refilling from Gas cylinder instead of box;
  •  Rectangular antechamber;
  •  Flexible shelves, adjustable up & down, adjustable back & forth;
  •  12m3/h Rotary pump;
  •  Dry scroll pump;
  •  Refrigerator;
  •  solvent absorber;
  •  Heating Chamber;
  •  HF removal system;
  •  Nitrogen removal system;
  •  Cold well;
  •  De-dusting Unit;
  •  Others on request.


Glove Box Working PrincipleGlove Box Working Principle 

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