VTI KOREA Gloveboxes
Vacuum Technology Incorporation(VTI)
High Capacity Purifier
  • Rapid removal of H2O and O2 to less than 1ppm
  • Long intervals between regeneration cycles.
PLC Control and HMI
  • Automatic Purge; Circulation; Regeneration; Pressure control; User Friendly Interface.
Long Life Moisture and Oxygen Analyzers
  • P2O5 Moisture Sensor: Corrosion resistant, Renewable by acid-cleaning if the probe is contaminated by HF or other corrosive environmental exposure.
  • ZrO2 Oxygen Sensor: Solid sensor, long life, can be exposed to air without consumption.
  • Vacuum Pump Edwards
  • PLC & Touch Screen SLEMNS
  • PURIFER material BASF / UOP
  • Press Transducer Halstrup
  • Solenoid valve Burket
  • Pressure Gauge Wika
Stainless Steel gas pipes and connectors
  • All the gloveboxes has been upgrade to stainless steel pipes and connectors with much higher corrosive-proof for highly corrosive environment.
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