Vacuum Technology Inc Korea
VTI(Vacuum Technology Inc) is a world-class glovebox manufacturer with a head quarter in Boston, Massachusetts. We provide the highest level of glove boxes based on technical skills and experiences to meet customer's diverse requests and expectations.
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  • Kookmin Univ. - Application and Chemistry Lab.
  • Daegu DGIST - Surface Chemical and Energy Lab.
  • Daegu DGIST - Nano Materials Research Institute
  • Daejeon - Korea Electric Power Research Institute
  • Daejeon - Chemical Research Institute
  • Seoul - Chemical Wood Lab of Forest Science Institute
  • Seoul National Univ. - Quantum Dot Research Lab.
  • Sunggyungwan Univ. - Energy Engineering Lab.
  • Anyang - LTC Corporate Research Institute
  • Ulsan UNIST - Chemical Engineering Lab.
  • Chungbuk University - Chemical Engineering Lab.
Our Vision
The engineering provider with innovative technology
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